Friday, June 23, 2006

and so i'm back i'm back!

... from the frustrating state of being computer/internet-less.

my brand-new, ubber shiny silver and white dell laptop arrived this week and i've been spending a little bit of time setting it up. putting all of my files on the computer is taking a long time (i have about 9 DVD worth of pictures!) and downloading desired software to bring me up-to-date has been taking even longer since i've been using (read: stealing) a wireless connection in my building. the damn thing either works fantastically or not at all, and i guess that i'm too cheap right now to pay for my own internet.

unfortunately, i'll have to cough-up the cash soon though, because i figure that i can't keep going about it this way, with the internet so unreliable. in addition the internet is provided by the cable guys, who have been nice enough to not disconnect my cable. i'm sure they'll figure that out at some point and then i'll have nothing keeping me from calling them up and asking for services. but for now, i'm afraid that if i call for one, i'll lose the other! (je suis gratteuse, non?)


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