Tuesday, February 21, 2006

back to oz

well, i am back in australia again. the border officials were much easier on me this time: i got no questions and no inspections even after declaring that i had food on me, had been on a farm in the past 30 days and had dirt on my shoes.

the flight over was wonderful, emirat airline was even better this time with tastier food and i even had the entire row to myself. as we approached sydney though it started to sink in that i was going to meet david and it started to get nervous, emotional, the whole 9 yard. my heart was beating fast and i got so nervous that i gave myself heartburs. silly me!

it was great to see david and it's great to travel with him now. somehow it feels like we never had 6.5 months appart. and the added bonus is that it makes me look even tanner to travel with such a white guy! haha.

we'll be spending a few days exploring sydney and then will rent our van and drive up the coast to take on what the lonely planet calls one of the top 10 road trip in the world. can't wait!!!


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