Wednesday, February 08, 2006

top choice!

god, i haven't done an update in so long and now i'm so far behind! it's quite crazy. i hate doing that (getting behind) because then it seems impossible to catch-up and you end up with many good stories and impressions untold, or worst, forgotten.

well, i have now been in new zealand for over a week, slowly discovering the top of the north island. i've been learning the lingo and all of the proper ways of saying things but it still gives me the giggles sometimes (not out loud though, i don't want to offend!) and i haven't really had the courage to start talking like a local. i'd feel like such a poser! i'm sure i'd get it all wrong anyhow... though with all those "bro", "top choice" and "sweet ass" it's hard to get confused.

but no, i haven't just been sitting around registering new ways to say things! thanks to my lovely kiwi hosts, i have walked the streets of auckland, kicked back on a beach, swam in a freezing cold ocean, relaxed in thermal hot water pools, discovered that summer in new zealand = early summer temperature for us but that the sun can be a torcher, listened to local tunes at the groove in the park festival with over 20000 other jafa (i won't translate that one!) and have met some wonderful people. as well, i have booked myself on a hop-on hop-off tour bus with stray and have started the first leg of the trip by going up north. by doing so i can now say that i have been to the northernmost point of NZ, i have seen some gigantic trees, snorkeled with huge snappers in really chilly water, ran up and down sand dunes and have seen dolphins as close as possible when babies around.

new zealand is a stunning country, with hills as green as the sky and sea are blue. somehow the light is always just right, and the setting sun always licks the top of those hills in an incredible way. i just love the driving around involved in getting places. everything is just so perfect looking, the even have "scenic reserves" that include any piece of land, from farms to forests.

too bad my toes are frozen right now!


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