Friday, February 03, 2006

fly emirate

the flight from sydney to auckland was the sweeter flight ever. emirate airline is like flying in the highest level of luxery, except that you don't have to fly first class or pay lots of money for it. i was expecting the same level of quality than i got from japan airline but emirate just blew every airline i've ever flown on out of the water.

the seats are super comfortable and well adjustable. you even get a foot rest. the food is wonderful too, lots of it and tasty too. but the best thing is their tv system. it really made me wish that this was my flight home. they offer over 400 chanels of music and 200 movie chanels. new releases, classics, and still in theatre movies. really good stuff! i watched walk the line, which was a great movie that i've been wanting to see for a while now.

the only downside was a delay before take off and a delay at arrival, but both were to no fault of the airline.


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