Monday, February 20, 2006

goodbye new zealand

today i am saying goodbye to the north island, which has been my home for the past 3 weeks. i have had a wonderful time, much better than expected even and i have quite fallen in love with this country. i can't wait to return for many months, and see the whole thing properly! the kiwis are very friendly and a little crazy, which makes them even better. and i've met so many great people, and have done and seen so many things... both on and off the bus. i never tought i'd join one of those tour busses but i did, and i'd do it again! (conditions apply).

of new zealand i will miss:
- tip top ice cream, can't top that!
- pizza! there has been a revolution in kiwi land with the good ol' pizza and it *needs* to invade the rest of the world.
- never being further than 1.5h away from the ocean.
- amazing sceneries and all that stuff.
- the people!
- nz fish and chips, so fresh and so good!
- the urge to kill the wildlife (see bellow).

new zealand population:
people: 4 million (1.3 million aucklanders, aka, jafa)
sheeps: 40 million (used to be more...)
possums: 80 million

never in my life have i ever been so encouraged to kill wildlife by everyone including environmental freaks. if you come to nz, they will gladly give you a gun and ammo to go run ammok in the forest and shoot every single possum and deers as you find (you can also go for rats, rabbits, anything with 4 legs really). see, new zealand is a very weird country that evolved with abselutely *no* mammals asside from 2 species of bats. everything else has been introduced and is killing the wildlife. possums (thanks aussies) are the worst and go through some crazy amounts of tons of forests everynight. as the locals say: if you see one, kill it. if it's crossing the street, run it over. funny because the only ones i've seen in this country were roadkill.


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