Saturday, February 11, 2006

sexy sexy!

i've been back in auckland for the weekend just to attend the sexual fantasy / house warming party my kiwi hosts paul and giulio were throwing.

this wasn't like some lame ass dress-up party i've been to back home. most of the people were dressed to the theme and actually made a big effort with putting together rockin' outfits. from micheal jackson to police officers to cheerleaders and trannies they had it all! top it off with great tunes and a wicked light system in place the party was a blast. but how do you know that a party is a great party? when the cops show up of course!

anyhow, it was really cool to party in a house instead of in a bar for once. and a dress-up party too! i guess that it compensates for my lack of costume on halloween in cambodia! i just love doing things like this, where you ask yourself how many other travelers would be able to say that they've done that while traveling and know that the answer is "not many". priceless stuff!

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