Tuesday, November 01, 2005

canadians to the rescue

katy and i decided to go out last night for halloween. we headed out to the bar district only to find expats and prostitutes filling the bars. some place only had prostitutes, but none of them had white women. disapointed, we walked back to the riverfront for food and thought that we might have a somewhat quiet night after all.

so we went for dinner at a "happy pizza" place, where we proceded to order non-happy, regular pizzas. i'm not just saying that to reassure people, i just really don't like the idea of happy food. but, as it turned out we both got the giggles like little school girls and had to ask the waitress if we had been slipped some happy, to which she said no, but we didn't believe any of it.

so here we are, eating pizza, drinking lao beer (the best!) and giggling about nothing and everything when these two guys wearing towels on their head turned into turbans and wearing aviator sunglesses sit down at the table besside ours (but which was really at the restaurant next door). i'm not sure what to make of it. they ask katy to take a picture, wich she does, and which sparks a conversation. it turns out that these two guys are from montreal and that they're celebrating halloween in style. bless them! many beers later and their dinner done, they suggest that we join them at a halloween party, to which they had been invited to by people from saskatchewan.

see, on this entire trip, i have hardly met any canadians. these two were already incredibly bringing up the numbers, and to know that more of them where to come, was just amazing.

so we get on a tuk tuk and head out to a bar called "talkin to strangers" which was really lost somewhere in the streets of this city. the place is decorated for halloween, and is playing annoying halloween sounds loudly. but who cares about that. we go in, and find the "people" from saskatchewan... bless their heart, canadians love halloween and treat it like a religion. these "people" turned out to be 4 girls, dressed in incredible nurse outfits with their cleavage all out and charlie angels hair. ha! damn canadians! always doing things in style.

now boys, i know what you're thinking: "i hope that you took a picture, and where can i get it!". yes, i did take a picture. but knowing my uploading skills, you might have to wait a month before you get to see these lovely girls... or the guys with turbans for that matter.

so, overall i am glad to say that i celebrated halloween as i would of had back home (minus the costume). beers, beers and more beers followed by some pool, i think that we might have gone to bed at 5am... but these canadians really made my day... they saved halloween for me!


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