Monday, October 31, 2005

happy halloween!

halloween is my favourite holliday. ever. i'm kinda sad that it really doesn't feel like halloween here, sad that i won't get to hand out candy (and eat tons a well) to cute kids all dressed up. all i get here are cute dirty kids begging for money... same same, but very different.

on our walk around town today we saw a cambodian handicraft market and decided to go check it out. it turned out to be rows and rows of fortune tellers and so we decided to get a try at it. we found a crazy chinese man with a runny nose who spoke english and surrendered $3 usd each to see what ws in our cards. we both got our palms read, our faces read, our cards read and did some crazy coins shaking in a turtle shell to see what was ahead.

resume of my predictions:
i am clever. i can go anywhere no problem. i have the respect and honour of society. if i marry before 20, very bad, but if after (i think that's covered), very good. i will make lots of money between the age of 40 and 60. the best years of my life will be from 26 to 66. 25 and before were not so good years. i should not wear yellow. mountains are bad for me and i should never go there alone. i need to live besside the sea or a river, but away from mountains (does vancouver landscape means that they cancel each other out and i'm ok, or am i still bad off?). i need to be careful when making phone calls or going to markets, because people will try to steal my stuff. marriage will come to me between february and june of the next year. i think a lot but i don't say much.

katy's predictions:
she is clever. she can go anywhere no problem. she has the respect and honour of society. when she speaks people believe her. she should not marry before 21 (covered). she will make lots of money between the age of 30 to 40. she should not wear black (which is funny, because she always wear black). water (river, lake, sea) is bad for her. she should not go in water alone, especially not in the next two months. she needs to live besside mountains. marriage will come to her in november or december of this year. from two men, she will need to choose. on of them is bad and good, but overall good. the other one is someone new.

quite funny! i think that it was a great thing to do on halloween. and now i'll have her back when we go swimming so that she doesn't drown and she'll have my back when walking the steets so that i don't get robbed. sweet!


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