Sunday, December 16, 2007

back from mexico!

the week in mexico flew by. the resort in cabo was quite nice, and we were lucky with the weather - it was mostly sunny all week. i had been wanting to go visit that side of mexico for a long time and i'm glad that i finally got to go. the whole place was stunning, with cacti meeting the ocean in a wonderful way. big, blue skies and a big, see-through ocean full of life makes for great scenery and lots of entertainment. dusty roads, street food, warm weather. hard to beat!

a week wasn't enough though, and i really do want to go back down there some day. go back there with lots of time, lots of film, camping gear and no plan. that would be great!

one of the great little trip that my mom and i took this week was to lover's beach by water taxi. lover's beach is this great little beach on the sea of cortez side, and it connects via a beach between tall, worn, granite cliffs to divorce beach on the pacific side. on the cortez side, the water is stunning and swimable. on the pacific side, the waves are big and dangerous - hence the beach's nickname. after a little exploring and a swim, we got back into the water taxi for a look at los arcos, a famous sight in cabo and the meeting point of the two bodies of water (land's end).

here is the view of los arcos from the water taxi:

and here are the resident sea lions that live beside that arc at land's end.


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