Thursday, January 04, 2007

succumbing to the required new year's resolution

new year's res-o-lu-tion. Noun. def: 1. The state or quality of being resolute; firm determination. 2. A resolving to do something. 3. A course of action determined or decided on. 4. That thing you never get around to doing.

i usually try not to take new year's resolutions. the thing is, no one ever keeps them, including myself. it's just a thing we do to make ourselves (temporarily) feel better about ourselves and to brighten the outlook of the year ahead.

i tried to remember some of my past resolutions, and i can't even remember last year's. did i even make any? who knows. they couldn't have been that important if i ever got around to them.

but for some reason, this year, i feel like making a list. i've been charmed by the delusion. i want to be part of those who hope to better themselves, if even for a few days. i want to feel that i am heading in a direction that brings a happier life. i want that delusion, really. i swear, i'll pretend to forget all i know about resolutions. i want to be naïve. i want to play along.

so, for the new year, i want to:

* get back the muscles and cardio I had while traveling
* do more cultural things, from reading more to attending festivals
* learn to perfect the art of photography (aka, improve myself)
* be more social, more in touch with friends, meet new people
* be happy, do things to make myself happy, indulge, be selfish (ok, now it sounds like a bad resolution)
* cook more often
* save more money
* work on my goal to convert my travel journal into a book (not for publishing though)
* go on an other trip, even if short (yeah, right.)

well, that’s about all that i can think of right now. how long it will last for, i don’t know. will i remember to work on these things? god only knows. but for some reason, i do feel good about my resolutions. i feel like this year has a pleasant direction to it.


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