Monday, April 16, 2007


yesterday was the vancouver sun run, a fundraising 10 km that just so happens to be the largest in north america. my company was part of the corporate challenge, so i joined for the first time ever.

i was not disillusioned and did not think that i could run it - i instead decided to walk it *very quickly*. normally i'm a pretty fast walker, so i figured that i could do the full 10 km in less than 90 minutes.

on sunday we took our place and i kinda left like an ant in the crowd of 54'317 people. we had to wait over an hour to start but thankfully, we had good weather. the crowd persisted the entire way through and i consistently had to dodge people and make my way through. i walked fast, the fastest i've ever walked and the whole time my legs were hurting. i kept thinking how glad i was that 1. a month ago i spent insane amount of hours walking around hong kong and 2. i had good music to listen to.

on km 7, someone tapped my shoulder. it was an older gentleman, sweaty but smiling. "thank you!" he said. "you have a really good pace. i kept up with you up until stanley park but i went to take a piss and then i lost you. i finally caught up to you! i just wanted to say thank you." i smiled at him "i don't mean to say that i've been staring at your ass the entire time. just that you're going at a good speed. anyways, thank you." laughing, i wished him good luck while he invited me to go in front and set the pace.

near the end i was getting tired but i was still happy, enjoying myself. proud of myself. i crossed the finish line as # 29'897 and finished the race in 85:55 minutes, which i think is pretty fast for a walker. i achieved my goal of coming in within my time category. i did good!

now, i just need to stop feeling so sore! my legs, my ass and joints are making me walk like an old lady!


Anonymous Kirk said...

That dude must have REALLY wanted to catch back up to you after his leek. And didn't you feel creeped out that he thanked you for merely running along like 54,000 other people? Oh well, NICE PACE!

July 20, 2007 4:19 p.m.  

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