Monday, July 31, 2006

a year ago

i was packing my bags. i was nervous. i was scared. i felt overwhelmed. i was carrying a bag which felt too heavy for me, for numerous reasons. a year ago i left vancouver to go travel. a year ago i stepped on a new continent for the first time. i landed in japan. i started an incredible journey.

not even half of the stuff i took with me.

waiting in line
at the airport in vancouver, after many tears.

i didn't like japan when i first got there. i was unhappy because i realized on the plane that my budget didn't allow for a trip to japan (!!!). i was concerned that i would have to change my flight and head to china earlier than expected. the airport wasn't impressive and i had to wait for my bag a really long time. the subway/train system was very confusing, regardless of all the instructions i had from the hotel's website. i got lost in the streets. it was late and dark and i was staying in a bad neighbourhood. the streets smelled of urine. my room was super small. and i was scared shitless about leaving everything behind.

but the next day, after a horrible breakfast, i started to love japan. i walked the streets and explored temples and was just amazed. there was a certain feeling in the air that i still can't put my finger on. the people were fantastic. the country was quirky. i saw that things would get better.

and it did. not to say that during my 7.5 months abroad that i didn't run into some rough patches. but it got better. it got fantastic. it was the best thing i've ever done. i saw so many things, met so many wonderful people and learned so much.

when i realized that a year ago i sat on that plane, i got nostalgic. i had a great time and i'm sad that it's over. so many things has happened since then... and while it wasn't that long ago, it feels like it was a thousand years ago.

time flies. hopefully time will fly until i get to do it all over again.

on mt fuji.


Blogger Lady Calliah said...

What an incredible adventure!!

August 01, 2006 12:49 p.m.  

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