Friday, July 21, 2006

easy as pie

has to be the stupidest expression out there. it may be easy to eat pie, but making one is another story.

now, i was really close at succeeding at pie making last night. i tried making a rustic blueberry-raspberry pie using a shortbread dough for the crust, but apparently my mind was elsewhere at the time and i was unable to follow simple instructions. i've helped making this crust before so i knew what to expect. and while i was making it, i was really proud of myself! the thing was a beaut' and instead of falling to pieces while covering the fruits is was holding up wonderfully. the pie looked fantastic (aka, like it should look) until i placed it into the oven. where it proceeded to implode onto itself and become a flat, gigantic cookie-like blob. it was so ugly that i did not even want to take a picture of it.

it appears that i may have messed up the butter measurement. the thing came out looking fit for the garbage. i did eat some though, and i have to admit two things. 1) a very buttery shortbread tastes like crap. i don't recommend it. too bad it couldn't work as well as for, say, croissants. 2) my pie filling was *tasty*!!! i added a little fig balsamic to the blueberries and raspberries and it tasted like heaven. too bad it ended up layered on a crappy crust.

better luck next time, i guess. i will make you right one day, i know it!


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