Saturday, March 25, 2006

damn googlewhack!

i recently (read, two days ago) purchased a new book, dave gorman's googlewhack adventure. i got the reading bug (again, finally!) while traveling and so i've been going through books pretty fast. i picked this book up because i was curious as to what "googlewhacking" was and because the book was about traveling.

and so, last night, i started reading. and found out what it was, which is actually pretty simple. according to,
A Googlewhack is a query consisting of two words (without quotation marks) entered into Google's search page that returns a single result. Googlewhacking or Googlewhackingoff is the pastime activity of finding such a result. A person attempting to find Googlewhacks is known as a Googlewhacker.
and the whole point of the book is that the author, dave gorman (a uk comedian), decides to travel the world in search of 10 googlewhack in a row, which have to be generated by the people he meets. well, that's a bad explanation and résumé on my part but it's pretty much it.

in the book though he makes finding a googlewhack look easy. basically, it's a chance to pinpoint one site that's completely different than the 3 billion + sites indexed by google. so in reality, it's not that easy.

so i was bored today and i tought i'd try to find my own wack. well, it's been over 3 hours and i have now given up (perhaps only temporarily). i came up with a lot of non-results. there are rules to follow and a few times i tought i had it but i didn't. sight. the closest i got was with repurposed spermatocytes: i got 2 results. but then again they were from word lists and wouldn't have counted. the closest second i got was spermatocyte deconstructionism, with 29 hits. my favourite combo was invaginating spermatocydes. can you tell i was obsessed with spermatocydes? haha! it's not my fault if marx wrote about inveterate lineament...


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