Sunday, April 02, 2006

souper entre amis

saturday night was the night that david and i had friends over to thank them for taking care of our cat, fish(es), plants and mailbox while we were away on our vacation in australia and fiji. and to catch up and enjoy each other's company, of course!

it was my first time ever cooking a meal for 6. i changed my mind about the menu about three times but finally settled on possibly the best scenario possible. i say that because usually i get pretty stressed out about timing and always worry that something won't be ready at the same time as everything else, or that something will go wrong in general. but this time it was great because i got to do the dessert in advance and prep almost everything in advance. the main course cooked while we were eating the appetiser. and i didn't have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen at any given time over the course of the night, which is always ideal!

... so, we had for dinner:

three coloured caprese salad with marinated bocconcini
baked pumpkin and prosciutto risotto with arugula and grilled asparagus

pear and almond galette with vanilla ice cream and home-made strawberry jam

and each dish was served with an australian wine, while dessert was served with an excellent australian port (merci dominic!).

it was a success, if i can say so myself! (you can tell as well by dominic's face.)

baked pumpkin and proscuitto risotto
tri colour caprese dominic qui fait son beau!
p.y. et mélissa yanick et moi
pear and almond galette


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