Wednesday, March 08, 2006

cape tribulation

our first day in cairns was spent... driving away from cairns! haha. the real ultimate destination of this trip was cape tribulation, about 140 km north from cairns. basically, to go up to where the road stops, unless you have a really good 4x4. so we drove up, taking in some of the most (read: the only nice bit) scenic strech of highway the eastern coast has to offer. beaches after beaches and jungle, there are actually things to look at up there instead of the usual sugar cane fields (we drove past some 1000 km worth of them). we took a lot of pictures along the way, because it was so damn beautiful, even under dark gray clouds and heavy rain. i got quite upset though about the weather... you see, it seems that almost every time i'm somewhere near the water i get shit weather and i never get the picture perfect blue sky, lots of sun, great shades of water deal. and here, following some of the most beautiful water in the world along the great barrier reef, i got crap shades of sea. ok, maybe not crap but just not nearly as good.

anyhow, we did stop at great (deserted) beaches and at some stunning view points. we got to ride a cable ferry across a crocodile infested river. we got bitten to shit by mossies. we got stuck on the side of the road in mud and grass and had to have people push us back onto the road. we got to cross bridges covered in water. and we got to the cape!

on our way back down we picked up an irish guy living in australia whose car died while trying to cross one of those flooded bridges. it was cool to get some conversation and we got beer out of it in port douglas, a beautiful town 60km away from cairns.

that night we ate at red ochre grill, a restaurant that focuses on aussie produces. we had crocodile for apetiser, david ate some kangaroo and i had some emu. we drank good local wine and ate desserts made of local fruits and the likes. yummy!


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