Tuesday, March 07, 2006

magnetic island to cairns

on our free day on magnetic island we had the pleasure of a lazy morning, chillin in the hammacks and lying by the pool. after lunch we headed out to the forts walk on the other side of the island to try our luck at spotting koalas. while the girl at the hostel said that she'd only seen one (in a tone that made it sound like it was a waste of time) we kept our spirits high and our heads as well while walking the track. at first i was more convinced that we'd only leave with a sore neck (from all that looking up into the trees) but after a while david spotted the "gray motionless lump" (as described on the government sign) and it did turn out to be a wild koala. so i hiked up the hill and got pretty close and managed to get some cool shots. the reat of the way up was only filled with lizzard, birds and huge spiders, and on our way back down our koala friend was having a feast, so david went up to grab more pictures. we also had the pleasure to see rock wallabies just before the end of the hike.

the next day was our final drive up in order to reach cairns, our ultimate destination. we mostly spent the day driving up there but we did take a side trip to the wallaman falls, australia's highest single drop falls (268m). pretty impressive stuff! and we got to see 5 wild boars. by 6pm we were in cairns, checking in our hostel - sorry, hotel. the backpackers we checked in is so freaking nice and fancy, i'm still not sure what to think of it! it has to be the best looking, coolest setup backpackers ever. ever!

wallaman falls


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