Monday, October 24, 2005

going to mui né was probablt my best idea yet of this entire trip. not only was the place every bit as spectacular as i was expecting it to be, it was even nicer and the weather was *beautiful*. no rain. little clouds. hot. perfect. like our hotel! beautiful resort, with bungalows and palm roof, pool, incredible drinks... that's the life. but mui né has its downfals: crazy amounts of mosquitoes and nothing to do outside of the resort.

we spent 2 nights there, but could easily see how easy it would be to get bored there. it's low season, the hotels are empty... you're pretty much alone in your resort. but when it came time to leave today, i didn't want to go. it was hot, beautifully sunny: i just wanted to lie on a chair and dip myself in the pool, over and over again. not be on a long bus journey to the capital, with no air con really, and the sun shinning hard on me...

and here we are, now, in saigon. i was dreaming of a place like hanoi, really. wide boulevards, french colonial architecture, cafés, beauty. what i found was modern, ugly maybe, tall buildings (the tallest towers since japan), cold, charmless. maybe tomorrow i will see something different. but right now, i'm disapointed... enough for katy and i to look at each other and wonder how we'll stay here until the 31st without going mental. enough to consider going to cambodia early...


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