Friday, October 28, 2005

last day in saigon

this morning i woke up early, to say goodbye to hannah, one of the awesome ladies with whom i have been traveling in vietnam for the past month. it was really sad to see her go, i even did tear up a lot. hannah is going to singapore for 2 days and is then off to beautiful china: i know that she will have a great time. but i will miss her!

we are now a traveling duo, katy and i, and have decided this morning to say goodbye to HCMC earlier than planned and head on out to cambodia. we are now leaving tomorrow, and will then arrive in cambodia on the 30th of this month after a great ride on the mekong.


our trip yesterday to the cu chi tunels and the crazy church was quite nice, although the tunels was not as fun to go through than the ones in the DMZ zone. we did 30 meters of a tunel section and got out of there sweaty and exhausted. the tunels are so small, with only enough space to walk either really bent down or completely crouching. quite the workout! i can't believe that people used to go through those tunels all the time, for long distances (many km) with guns and amo. insanity!

talking about amo, i got to shoot an M1 (there was no more bullets for the MK47) and i have to say that it's something else. i wish my dad had thought me to shoot! i tried my best to aim but nothing worked. the M1 was the gun (riffle?) of choise for the women soldiers here but really it's a big, enourmous, heavy wooden thing. it was positioned way too low on me and i really had to struggle to shoot the thing from that angle. i was expecting a strong kickback, but this was much bigger than expected... enough that my shoulder is still sore today. and the noise! by the second bullet my ears were ringing and by the third and last one i was partially deft. that people did this, again, all the time, is insane.


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