Saturday, October 08, 2005

halong bay paradise!

picture this.

halong bay. one of the most beautiful places on earth, where odd mountains pierce through the ocean in an incredible way. at 9pm at night. with a sky filled with starts, much more than i have ever seen. enough stars that you can see their reflection in the water. and swimming, in the water, in pitch darkness. until you move, and then, everything around you lights up from thousands of phosphorescent sea creatures (planktons?). {yes, like in "the beach".}

it was like swimming in the stars. it was magic, beautiful, incredible. i think, the most incredible, beautiful experience of my life. i couldn't stop looking at my hands, moving in the water. it looked like i was swimming through pixie dust. as if everything was caused by special effects, addded in by disney. i couldn't stop moving, always wanting to create more light. the only thing that kept bringing me back to reality was the flying fish who seemed to have the annoying habbit of flying right into people's face (those fish are pretty hard!).

i would have kept swimming forever. or at least, until i was forced out or started to get hypothermia. i swam for one hour. i didn't want it to stop. i didn't want to get out. but i was finally getting cold. and i didn't want to make my cold worst...

i got out, showered (because for some reason, the water there is pretty dirty and you get out covered in a brown film...) and spent an other hour or so on the boat's deck, watching the stars, in the sky and in the water, lighting up randomly.

i saw shooting stars. maybe when they hit the ocean they transform into phosphorescent creatures?


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