Thursday, September 29, 2005

gun capital of laos

i have left the world of "friends" and happy shakes and have now arrived into vientiane, the capital of laos. people were right: this place is pretty unimpressive. impressive and disturbing though is the amount of army guys sitting around with gigantic riffles. for what? i'm not sure. but they sit in front restaurants, government buildings, anything. makes you nervous... not really a good vacation mood! this place needs to learn to chill like vang vien!

i've bought my plane ticket today for hanoi, vietnam and will be flying out on october 1st instead of the 2nd due to the flight being sold out. but that's ok, this city is not that great anyways. and i have the most depressing, jail-cell-looking room ever. but it's cheap!

so, not much to say really... tomorrow i will try to hit a few temples, including the most sacred one in laos and have some cheap pho by the river. and then, who knows!!!


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