Sunday, October 02, 2005

hello hanoi!

i landed last night in hanoi, with a girl i met in vang vien who happened to be on the plane, which was nice. hanoi reminds me so much of china: it is busy, loud, dirty, lots of specialised shops and sidewalks eateries. it also reminds me of laos though, with it's french architecture and tall trees everywhere. although i was no very impressed with the city last night, i have to say that the place grew on me today.

we found a lovely café for breakfast, where i indulged in my most expensive meal since peking duck in china. but the place was so lovely, surrounded by other lovely coloured buildings and i just kept thinking... i love the french! thank god for their lovely architecture and baguettes! god i love them! and i never thought i'd say that, really! actually sitting in that cafe, i felt a little bit like i was back home, in montreal, on st-denis or something... what a beautiful moment.

hannah and i (the girl i met in lao) shopped around for a bit for a good tripple room, as katy was meeting us today. we found this amazing place with a huge rooftop patio (private, of course!) overlooking the city. we'll stock up our fridge full of beer tomorrow and chill there for sure!

i think that tomorrow we'll do a walking tour of the city, well, just of the old quarter. there's so much to see! it's quite a nice change after laos.

well, that's about it for now! going to a jazz club later... if we can find it! the streets here are a real maze!


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