Tuesday, September 27, 2005


i was nearly done posting about my days here in vang vien when the power went out again. we have been power-less since about 6pm last night and at noon today it came back on, but then it went off again and i lost everything: blog, emails, pictures that were uploading. so frustrating!

now i am afraid that the power might go off again, so i will not write the update i wanted to write. see, it is raining now, and the harder it rains, the slower the internet gets and eventually you lose the connection and then, electricity.

i've been lucky though, so far today is the only day where it's been raining: every other time was at night and so it never prevented me from doing anything... except use the internet!

i was supposed to leave for vientiane tomorrow morning but now i'm not sure. no one seems to really like that city and it's quite beautiful here, so i think i'll stay an extra day.

in any case, if the weather clears up, i'll head back over here and do a real update this time!


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