Tuesday, October 18, 2005

finally found an internet café that works! ha! (but hotmail is still shits, maybe vietnam needs to look into better internet... can't believe that laos was better than here!)

we're on our last hour in hoi an, a city 5km away of the chinese sea with a beautiful beach, great unesco sights, wonderful food and an industrial quantity of tailoring stores. i've had a pair of sandals made to order, that fit my feet perfectly. i found that to be pretty impressive, especially that it was done in under a day. i've also had a dress made (which turned out not so good, and with holes in it from them having to unstitch it) and a pair of board shorts because david convinced me to leave mine at home and heck, that was a bad idea.

last night i had my first encounter with the persistent, horrible, probably prostitution-bound vietnamese that many people had told me about but i had yet to encounter. we had a motorcycle driver keep asking us to go to the full moon bar (an illegal, after-hour bar, there's tons of them here because of vietnam's stupid bar hours). i think that he was high out of his mind, but he kept asking and insisting and there was not enough "no" anf "go away" that would send him off. we tried ignoring him, and all we got was him pulling on our arms and hitting our arm to get our attention. eventually he would leave, but he'd always come back within 5 or 10 minutes and the whole thing would start again... it took an hour of this for him to finally offer us a wonderful "fuck you" and leave for good. geezs!

tonight we are leaving for nha trang, 11 hours away. it's supposed to be the equivalent of the french riviera, but i think it will most probably be more like a vietnamese cancun... it should be nice though, the water there is supposed to be the best in vietnam. but, it has been gray in central vietnam, and raining a lot... so we're crossing our fingers that this doesn't make for a boring beach vacation.


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