Saturday, September 17, 2005

comme une belle conne!

i am so pissed off at myself right now!!!

i have just endured a 21h bus ride from kunming to mangla, located close to the laos border, only to realise that i do not have enough cash on me and that no banks here have atm that accept international cards and that they all refuse to do cash advance on credit cards. well, i thought screw it, i'll do it in laos but no! there's no atm, no cash advance, no credit cards, no money transfers in laos. the worst thing is that in kunming i took money out, but my mind must have been elsewhere, because i really took out too little and now i'm in deep shit.

the only solution is to take a bus to linghong, 5h away, and go to the bank there, and then hop back on a bus and get back to mangla and cross the border into laos in 2 days. it's just ridiculous! thanks to the visa website though, i now have 3 addresses of atms that do visa/plus withdrawls. the downside is that the addresses are in english letters and thus utterly useless.

i'm mad at myself. at the fact that today (well, the past 25h) utterly sucked for many reasons and that i've felt like crying ever since i've landed in this city. i'm mad that i'm losing so many days in laos. i'm upset that i couldn't meet any fellow travelers here and that i'm doing everything alone. i feel terribly alone and far away from everything. and there are no dumpling restaurants or food on a stick here... la cerise sur le sundea, quoi!


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