Sunday, September 18, 2005

bus rides

the two bus rides today went pretty well, i think. my ass is abselutely killing me from the rollercoaster rides but what can you do! i know laos' roads will be a lot worst so i can't really complain.

the ride there was in a very comfortable bus but the ride back had no leg room and was pretty dirty. as for everything in china, even for food, you never get the same thing twice, even if from the same place, 5 minutes later.

i have to say that the scenery and listening to music really helped the trip. the mountains and the clouds were spectacular. but the view is really best in the morning. the return ride lacked the "kodak moment" effect. i kept thinking about taking pictures but nothing would come out, from the speed, bumps, trees in the way. i guess the magnificent scenery will have to stay in my mind.

in jinghong it took me about an hour to find the freaking bank! that's incredible considering the fact that it was located 10 minutes from the bus station. i asked for directions and no one knew where it was. i was on the right street. pointing at the name of the bank and location on a map. and still, no one could tell me how close or far i was, if it was to my right or my left. it's silly how everywhere in china people can't give directions and do not know their city. i went into an hotel and asked for the jade market (two streets away it turned out) and they didn't know where iot was! crazy. but regardless, i found the bank, and it took my card, and so my problems are solved. i was really happy.

to make my bus trip not completely bank related, i walked thne jade market (boring) and found an actual food market (great!) that sold everything from vegetables to goat hoofs. yummy!

i am now back in mengla. this city really has nothing going for it! it's too bad. so it will be, like yesterday, internet, dinner, tv, bed. and it's raining...

by the way, this city is so humid that i've had clothing drying for well over 30h now and everything is still wet. i will have to use the heat of the tv to try to get things to dry... i guess that's what it will be like from now on! i'll just have to pray for a spot in the sunlight to dry my stuff... eventually.


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