Sunday, August 28, 2005

one more from japan!

what better way to kill some time than to use the free yahoo interne cafe at narita aiport. nothing is free in japan, so this is weird! i am overlooking the runway as well, so this is quite lovely.

this has to be the most confusing airport ever. i have never seen so many counters for one airline and there are no directions as to where to go. you can't just pick one! it has to be the right one.

at the check-in counter i met this really nice girl from quebec and she told me that she felt really safe in china, so that was reassuring. she lives in korea, too bad she wasn't going to beijing! ha!

so, i'll sign off from japan officially. my flight has started boarding.

i will miss: the trains, the cleanliness, the easiness, the friendly people.
i will not miss: no garbage cans.



ha! there was an announcement just now for a china airline flight 666... i'm glad that's not my flight!


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