Thursday, August 25, 2005

rain, rain, go away!

it has rained all day, nearly non-stop. it's the kind of rain which renders an umbrella completely useless and guarantees if you step outside the house that you will get drenched. it's the kind of weather where if you don't need to go out, don't.

it seems that over the past two weeks it has started to rain a lot in tokyo. it is the rain season and typhoon season, so it is understandable. but it's bad for a tourist like myself! yesterday there were rumors of a typhoon coming in today and so all day I believed that what was falling down was due to a typhoon. it's heavy rain, the kind the flooded the backyard here and would cause landslides and take out bridges back in vancouver.

but i was wrong. it was just heavy rain. but right now, that's a typhoon. it is raining like i have never seen it fall. the wind is not so bad here which is really lucky, because it's falling down like metal sheets. i have even never heard anything fall so hard. it's pretty neat to experience! completely intense.

i really hope though that it dies down tomorrow, so that i can get out of the house!


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