Thursday, August 25, 2005

gourmet intruder

during the night, about an hour after falling asleep, i was woken up by weird sounds. walls being so thin and windows being open, i wasn't really sure if the sounds were coming from inside or outside. it sounded like something was constantly going through a plastic bag, which i assumed was the plastic bag outside. but after a while i realized that the sound was coming from inside the house. there was something inside the house. i started to panic, because i didn't know if it was someone, or something, that was inside the house, in the kitchen, not even 5 feet from me. from my bed.

i opened the light but couldn't see anything. clearly it was an animal, but i couldn't see what it was or where it was. and i didn't know if it was a dangerous one or not. my nerves were all shot and i was panicking, out of confusion, lack of sleep and plainly being scared. i made some sounds and threw chopstick that were on hand (yeah, good way to arm oneself!) and heard it go away. i looked around and realized that whatever it was, had come inside, jumped on the table, then the shelves and made its way to the food. more specifically, the food i bought yesterday. it had grabbed my bread and thrown it on the floor, along with other things in the way. the bread had been dragged to the patio door but the thing couldn't get it to go through the opening, so it was stuck between inside and outside. with a big hole in the bag. and my bread munched on.

i moved everything back to the table and locked the door. my first reaction was to wonder who the hell left the door opened. but then i clearly remembered the door being closed when i went to bed... i wouldn't have left it open to avoid being eaten by mosquitoes (i had 39 new bites on my ankles yesterday, i don't need more). so whatever came in, opened the door to get in. and that, my friend, is really freaky.

after i closed the doors and windows, i could still hear it trying to get back in, at the door. i just sat there crying, because emotions were way too high.

the next morning, i told kate about what happened. the only logical thing that i could think of was that it was a cat, since it jumped on the shelves and everything. but kate suggested the raccoon-dog, a mythical animal which i had heard off but kinda dismissed as being a mythical being. see, most temples have statues of raccoon-dogs, as a sort of protector of the temple. i never really thought that they were real...


but i checked out the animal ( and it really does look like a dog. it doesn't seem like that thing could open a door, fit through a small opening, grab some food and head back out. so, i have no idea what ate my bread.

the bag was ripped, as if with a knife. and most of the bread was munched on. i don't care what ate it. i just don't want it in the house.

something ate my bread!

when mike woke up, he started looking for his bread that kate brought back for him from ontario. but it was nowhere to be found. so he ate the slices of my bread that were untouched. but we realized that it also made out with his bread. what a weird animal. only eats bread.


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