Sunday, August 28, 2005

sayonara japan!

today was my last day in tokyo. tonight is my last night here. it's 1am and i have to wake up at 4am, to catch the 5 am train, to catch the 6am train, top get to the airport.

today was spent at shinjuku (time #3) at a not so good festival. most of the time there was spent sitting in togogi park and then walking around shopping, i swear, coming back to tokyo, i would do things differently. i would show up with a half empty suitcase and shop till drop.

tonight was spent cooking food (insane amounts) and hanging out with everyone. it was a great evening. it was a wonderful evening.

i am pretty sad leaving japan. i'm really nervous going to china.

my flight is at 10 in the morning. the youth hostel where i will be staying has internet, so i will do my best to send a"i got here in one piece" email.

i'm so tired. i need to go to bed. but japan, i will miss you. when i enter a third world country tomorrow, i will really miss you. deeply.


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