Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Meet Garth

I am proud to finally introduce Garth, The Traveling Gnome. David acquired my gnome in Las Vegas in January of this year and we named him Garth in honour of our friend Ryan. We just loved the name so much! Since then, Garth has visited his native city of Las Vegas, has been to Quebec City and has traveled with me to Mexico. He will also be joining me on my World Tour. I only regret not taking more pictures... people do look at gnomes weirdly!

Here are the only pictures of Garth in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. He enjoyed his time hanging out with the locals on Playa del Muerto and soaking in the sun. When well rested, he visited the famous Guadalupe Church. And when I was not looking, he sneaked out for tacos and to party with the ladies.

playa del muertos


guadeloupe church


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