Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Mexico Update!

we've just finished 4 days at the dreams resort and later on today we'll be
giong to the decameron hotel near buceras. so far everything's been very
nice, a lot of clouds and more sunny lately. we've been twice to downtown
puerto vallarta and i took a ton of pictures of the guadeloupe church, which
i was really happy to finally see! yesterday we went to boca de tomatlan and
catched a boat to yelapa. the ride there was really nice and yelapa has a
really nice beach (because of the mountains around there, there aren't many
beaches around...). yelapa is much more developped for tourists than i
expected but it was still really nice. i have no idea though where the
verana hotel is...

i still have 4 days left, and we'll be checking out more small towns on the
other side of PV. i'll have a gazilion of pictures to upload!

more to come when i return!

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Blogger kafkat said...

are you eating mango? TELL ME YOU'RE EATING MANGO!!!!

i'm so jealous right now. ack.

June 13, 2005 11:59 a.m.  
Blogger Magalie said...

I wish!

the jalisco and nayarit provinces of mexico are filled with hundreds of mango orchards. the trees are filled with beautiful yellow and red mangoes. but funnily enough, none of the two resorts where we stayed actually had mangoes on the menu, or in the buffet. but the dreams resort had mango margaritas...

with all the mangoes around, i really started to want to eat some! at a cute little stand besside the boca de tomatlan bus stop, this girl was selling sliced cucumbers, some other fruit and yes, mangoes! so for 10 pesos ($1 usd) i bought myself a mango. she asked if i wanted salt on my mango, which i declined.

i was really excited about my first, real mango, home grown and all. i grabbed a slice, brought it to my mouth, and... cruch! the damn thing wasn't even ripe. not even close! i guess that it would have been perfect for a asian mango salad... but just like that, the texture was more like eating raw potatoes. i guess mexicans there like their mangoes unripe and salty. i prefer mine sweet and ripe. i was pretty disapointed, but i ate the whole thing regardless. the mango did cost twice as much as taking the bus from the town to our hotel. and even unripe, it was the only thing that didn't give me heartburns that week.

June 13, 2005 7:02 p.m.  

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