Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Tapered Pants Are HOT But Mullets Are Better

So I catched a reflection of myself in the front door, taking my bike in. I saw how HOT I look with my pants gathered at the bottom to prevent them from catching on the chain. Really, I get to be sweaty and fashionable? Score!

At work one of the girl sometimes brings in her kid, which is about a year and a half or so. Kids at that age sometimes don't really grow hair, which is weird. So today I commented to my co-worker that her kid now had a mullet... she seemed concerned and frantic... looked at her kids head and said: "that's all there is! I can't cut that!". As she walked away, she reassured herself out loud that mullets are coming back.


Unfortunately, it's not the first time that I hear that.

I might get around town with tapered-looking pants but I will never go back to the mullet of my childhood. No matter if they come back or whatever...


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