Monday, April 25, 2005

No Ticket Yet...

I stopped by STA today to pick up my one-way ticket to Japan and China. They'd never called me in to let me know that it had arrived and so I decided to go check things out. Really, I wasn't surprised by not getting a call from the travel agency, because that's just how things have been since I started this whole thing. But for once, I had not been called not because I was forgotten but because there was nothing to call me about. My plane ticket was not in. In fact, after a phone call, I found out that it was sitting on some girl's desk. Good thing I dropped by.

An other downside: I will get a paper ticket instead of an e-ticket. So, I can't lose this baby! But at least I will only have to hold on to it until China. Which is not too bad.

And yet another downside: I've found out that I may very well not be able to buy my return ticket before I leave. On top of all of the expected issues that come with this, I will have a really hard time trying to get a visa for China, Laos and Vietnam without an ongoing ticket. So, I may have to purchase a very expensive fully refundable ticket for my visa applications.

What next?


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