Monday, April 25, 2005

Sorry About The Wait!

We have finally received our new Dell computer, which is tiny and amazing. No more computer problems, no more overcrowded desk. It's wonderful! But a new computer means packing away the old one, and setting up the new. It means installing new programs and transferring files. And that takes time! So I'm sorry that I haven't updated. I'm sure that my 2 or 3 readers will forgive me!

And now that the computer is up and running, I should be able to finally upload pictures on flickr and get some interesting stuff on here.

Talking about here... my blog looks completely different on my new screen! It's really weird what difference it does. On my new resolution you can hardly see the different colours and reading the text gets to be not so easy. So I'm sorry about that too. Maybe I'll fix it, but probably not, since it looks fine on most people's screen.


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