Thursday, April 07, 2005

Hurray For The Internet!

Thanks to Victor, I have just found out about Google Maps and I'm totally amazed. It was about time that technology got there! When I was younger, movies set in the "future" used to show that kind of technology. The amount of time it must have taken to take all of the pictures must be insane. But it's so amazing! The effort was quite worth it. You can also see all of the different pictures placed together to form North America, and it's very impressive. That's one major puzzle! I browsed Canada on the map and saw a very beautiful country. I'm lucky to be living here.

Here are a few neet shots taken off the map, showing different facets of Canada. Please do click on the images to really admire their splendor:

Somewhere around Ontario/Prairies. Please do click on the image to admire all of the frames to form this picture.

Somewhere around northern BC/Yukon-ish.

white and green
Somewhere around northern BC/Yukon-ish.

And now for the downside of the technology... this is very Big Brother like! Here is a picture of my building. I guess that the only good thing is that it points to the wrong building! After a few try at different address I found that it almost always points at the wrong spot.

picture of home


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