Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Miracles And Vacation Stuff

Yesterday was quite a wonderful surprise. Somehow, the home computer decided to actually start working again! A true miracle. Now, the internet works as it should. I was able to update yesterday, and I'm posting right now! I can surf, have multiple windows... everything! It's so nice. Really. It's beautiful.

Vancouver right now is at the prime of the second round of cherry blossoms. When I look out of my window at work, all I see is pink. It's been colder and wetter as well, making for beautiful mountains covered in snow. It's so pretty! So perfect! Vancouver never fails at being easy on the eyes.

I deposited my paycheck this week and I was kinda bummed (but excited, really) that my savings now total $4471. That's so close to $4500! I has $20 in my wallet and I though, even if I deposit it, I still won't get the magic number. But walking home, I found a $10 bill, sitting in the middle of the street right in from of our apartment building. What are the chances! It was so lucky. So today I deposited my $30 and I have now reached that beautiful number... and I placed a copy of the receipt of the fridge. I'm so proud of myself!

But in a way, I'm also disappointed. I know that might sound crazy. And this is for sure the most amount of money I've ever had to my name. But I still have to purchase my plane ticket and a ton of equipment, which will lower my savings considerably. Even if I didn't have to buy all of that, I still don't have enough time left to save the extra $3500 that I want to save for my vacation. Hopefully, I'll get pretty close and I won't have to touch my credit line too much...

Talking about my plane ticket, since March is now over apparently I am now able to start shopping for it again. It seems like this part/process has been taking much too long and frankly I can't wait to have my ticket in-hand. But now I have the cash and the credit card, so I'll make it happen. I'll turn it around! And I'll let you know when it happens.


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