Saturday, March 26, 2005

Bettre Do This While I Still Can

So HP sent me the recovery CDs, that's all 7 of them. I decided to run the CDs myself and save ourselves the extra cash that it would cost if someone else was doing the repair. Well, I guess that this was a good idea since it took me 6 tries before I was able to fully restore and register my computer, and hence, be able to use it again. That's over 5h of fun, people! Then it was up to get the intrenet woking again, for which I had to wait on hold for 56 minutes for tech support at Shaw. When they got the internet running again, of course it stoped working right after I got off the phone with them... so, in all, this was not a good Thursday night. A great part of Friday and today was also spent on trying to get this computer working again. I solved the internet myself but got assaulted as soon as I connected to the internet with tons of adware and such... enough to let me know that my restore CD came loaded with adware (come on, we all know that nothing can be downloaded and installed that fast!). I downloaded Ad-Aware and have ran it about 10 times since, removing about 1350 adware files that got onto my drive within the past days. As well, McAfee detected about 12 or so viruses and trojans, so it was all fun and games. Lastly, a virus hidding in my system sound files kept crashing my system when I'd run my anti-virus... it just didn't want to go. Two system restore later, files gone missing and having re-installed McAfee, I think that I might just be getting somewhere.

This is why I thought that I should update now, while I still can, before this computer comes crashing down with more viruses and pop-ups adware.

On top of all of this, today has not been a good day. I am very sick with an awful cold, and so not feeling well. The medecine that I took last night kept me awake all night as well... I just hope that this doesn't turn out into something evil like a ear infection, which I am pretty convinced that I will be getting. I can't afford that right now though, because I am flying out to Las Vegas mid-week for a work-related tradeshow. Ear infections and flying don't go well together.

The only upside to the weekend so far is that I kept my comitment to myself and did the sea-wall walk. I also did the walk last week, but didn't post on it because of my computer issues. So, the first time I did the 11km (or 12, they don't count past 10) in 1 1/2 hours, which I hought was pretty good. But it was raining the whole time! I got home wet but on the upside, I learned that even out of shape, I walk 7km/h. And boy was I out of shape! I was used to walking all of the time but with the new job I started in August I just stoped walking. Doing the sea-wall was a painful chalenge, and almost every muscles in my body were aching the next day. But fitness comes back quickly, because this week, I felt no pain. I walked the first hour at the same rate as last week, but then I got hungry... I stopped to eat a fruit bar but didn't really wait before starting to walk again and felt horrible for the remainder of the walk. I'm not sure what happened, or how it happened, but it took me an extra 1h 1/2 to get home after my break! Granted I was doing an even longer walk, but nothing to justfify an extra full hour! Let's just say that I was glad to get home!

Next week I'll probably start practicing wearing a backpack, so that once I leave for my vacation, I will be a champ!


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