Friday, March 18, 2005

Double Standard

David's gone to Chicago for a seminar to help him pass exam #6. After Chicago, he's going back to Quebec to visit his family. This means that I'll be all alone for about a week and 1/2, including Easter long weekend. I hate being alone! I get scared and lonely and bored and insecure. I'd like him to come back and be with me but that would be a) stupid, b) egocentric and c) very mean. When I think that I'll be leaving and he'll have to stay behind, somehow I think that it's ok. But being the one left behind is something that I really dislike, hence the double standard. I really need to work on this issue of mine....

On a quite different topic, my computer at home has officially died yesterday *sob* and has to be sent in for resurrection and hopefully a great job of file saving. This means that over the next week or so, it will be very difficult for me to update my blog frequently. I wish you all a great weekend and hopefully I will be able to update soon.


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