Thursday, March 12, 2009

Upcoming vacation time

While I haven't actually treated this blog to much travel talk lately, I though that it would be nice for a change to bring the topic back to the blog's main purpose - vacations!

I will be taking a few vacations this year, all to places that I have never been before (airport layovers do not count) and I am very excited.

The first stop of the year will be in Kapalua, Hawaii in May for Travis' sister's wedding. I haven't heard too much about the plans, but I'm pretty certain that there will be diving, massages and sun bathing. It should be a nice, chilled beach vacation - something that I haven't had in over one year. And of course, I'm also excited about the wedding!

(c) of Kris Nelson (view original here)

At the end of July, Travis and I then fly out to Montréal, so that he can finally experience the city in the summer. On the agenda is food, food and perhaps a little culture. Ideally, we will also squeeze in a visit to Québec City before we fly to Florence, Italy. There, we will explore the city and Tuscany's countryside by staying in Todi and taking numerous road trips. We are staying at an adorable villa on an olive grove - it will be magical!

(c) of Cinzia (view original here)

So, keep posted. There is travel in the near future! (And thousands of photos to be taken!)


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