Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Treats for the eyes

One of the most fantastic innovations on flickr is the new "flickr clock". Using time stamps (called "machine tag") and pooling imaged from the group of the same name, the flickr clock organises videos posted on its site as a collective 24h. As stated on the group's page, the flickr clock is "... an ongoing project that will collect member video and display it according to the (approximate) time that it was taken. As more members participate, we’ll have the opportunity to experience what a moment in time looks like from a diversity of perspectives."

Just click anywhere, and a video plays. What is especially clever is that once a video ends, a new one automatically starts - one could spend hours watching a global 24h go by without the need a single click of a mouse. This may become more addictive than YouTube, and content is generally more artistic and unique than what ends up on that site.

Another interesting discovery is the Polaroid project by Nicole Kenney and KS Rives, entitled Before I Die I Want To... This project sees fleeting moments of intimacy and vulnerability captured on Polaroids, an instant yet disappearing film medium. This may be a new type of Post Secret!

Image (C) of Nicole Kenney and KS Rives, from Before I Die I Want To...


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