Friday, March 02, 2007

hong kong

i'm going to hong kong!!!

it actually didn't sink in that i am leaving next week until i was speaking to a customer yesterday. time flies and now i don't feel ready for it. it feels much too soon, perhaps because i feel quite unprepared - even though i am. it's quite exciting though, and i can't wait to get there. i had been dreaming of going back to china for months, and somehow hong kong was where i wanted to go, and next week it will be a reality. i can't wait for the craziness, the crowds, the smell, the markets, the food, the ferry rides and temple visits. i want to walk the streets and get lost (as i used to do in tokyo) and takes pictures. too bad all that mandarin i remember (aka, very little, but still!) will be useless.

what will be great of hong kong as well is the mix with british culture and the proximity of macau. i loved melaka in malaysia and i hope that the mix of chinese and portuguese will be wonderful there too. and to top it off - a friend of mine is living there!

so this weekend i have to start packing and buy last minutes stuff. it's nice though to head out with a backpack again - much lighter this time around i hope - and do the stuff of dreams again. since being back from my last trip, i had been missing being on the road. but really, what i missed was the constant changes, the challenges, the happiness and the independence. i'm glad i get to get that again, even if just for 2 weeks.

picture of hong kong skyline (cc) J.E.S (John Skodak)


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