Wednesday, January 10, 2007

the world, turned upside down

aka - mother nature, i'm sorry!


when i grew up in montreal, i was used to cold winters and lots of snow. recess was only spent inside if it was colder than -20 C outside and children used to play on huge snowbanks at the corner of street intersections. you'd go out looking like the michelin man because of all of the layers you had on. and the cold didn't stop us from doing anything.

over the years, the weather wasn't so cold and the snow wasn't as plentiful, but it was still montreal. i moved to toronto, where it was even warmer, and always appreciated montreal for the winter wonderland that it was. and when i moved back "home" at 19 and experienced a month of -30 C to -50 C weather, i took it as being part of the package and layered-on the clothes.

at 22 i moved to vancouver. it was wonderful to be in a city so warm in the winter time - it was quite the change. i'd talk to family back home and hear of the snow and cold and felt quite comforted with the rain and warmth caused by the pacific. every year it would snow - but only for one week and it never got too cold.

this year, though, everything changed. the weather in canada has been turn upside down and nothing makes sense anymore. last week, it was 16 C in montreal. thus far, it has only snowed there for a couple of days and it has already all melted away. and what is it like in vancouver? right now, we are under a blanket of snow. yes, it is pretty. but it's not normal. it's already snowed on more than 3 serious instances this year. we've had flooding in between. and serious wind storms from hawaii. we are loosing our trees as they keep falling over. we are turning into montreal. and montreal is turning into us.

mother nature: i'm sorry. i'm sorry about having abused your resources and believed that global warming would cause later. i'm sorry you're all out of whack. i wish i could fix you.


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