Thursday, October 05, 2006


Australia, 2006, 108 min, Color, 35mm
Directed By: Neil Armfield
EXEC PRODS: Andrew Mackie, Richard Payten, Michael Whyke, Terrence Yason
PRODS: Maragret Fink, Emile Sherman
SCR: Neil Armfield, Luke Davies
CAM: Garry Phillips
ED: Dany Cooper
MUS: Paul Charlier
Cast: Heath Ledger, Abbie Cornish, Geoffrey Rush, Tony Martin, Noni Hazlehurst

The last movie that we went to see was Candy, an other movie which played in front of a packed house. With Heath Ledger as a protagonist, that didn't come as much of a surprise.

Candy is the love story between poet Dan (Ledger) and painter Candy (Cornish), a beautiful couple which appears to be living an idyllic love. But under the appearances, the couple is deeply addicted to heroin. As their addiction grow stronger, their life take a turn to the worst. Candy starts doing tricks for money and Dan starts stealing. And as any good junky, they hope to get clean...

Divided into three segments - Heaven, Earth and Hell - Candy shows us some of the darker sides of addiction. Interestingly though, it also shows us the power of love and throughout the movie, a certain beauty shines through. Candy is a strong and powerful film, but at often times I found myself having a difficult time truly connecting and feeling for the couple. Perhaps I simply wasn't in the right frame of mind...


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