Monday, March 20, 2006

welcome to the usa - please surrender your rights

our flight to fiji brought us to honolulu hawaii before taking us home to vancouver. having a stop over in the united states means having to go through customs, and so we were handed out the regular paper work you get to fill in when you enter a country. except that this time we were given an extra sheet: the i-94w nonimmigrant visa waiver arrival/departure form. now i was pretty sure that as canadians we didn't have to fill this baby out but the staff gave it to us knowing our nationality so we filled it out just in case.

we were both shocked and appalled by what the form asked and what it said. the usa are such a paranoid freak nation, forms like this really doesn't make you want to ever visit again. talk about invasion of privacy, crazy questions and requests. the cold war is over, is it not? i can't believe that people actually have to fill this shit out. and then, on top of it all, have their picture and prints taken as well while entering the country. such bullshit! and i thought china was bad...

american insanity

american insanity


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