Tuesday, September 06, 2005

yesterday, warriors

yesyerday francois and i went to visit the terracotta warriors. we grabbed the local bus (way better than a tour, of course) and went down there. the place is huge! it's really incredible to see just how big the 3 sites are and to think that there's probably a lot more of everything under everything we walk on. most of the place has not been excavated yet, which is weird because the site has been opened for over 10 years and was discovered over 30 years ago. most of it is still burried, crushed under the earth. that's the thing about the site: everything is crushed and broken. anything now standing has been reconstructed. but it's still impressive.

after the warriors we got back to xian and headed to the muslin corner (again, for me). i did some more shopping in the antique lane and we then ended up in a tea house on a street with no road (under construction, of course). the lady there was really nice and made us drink lots of tea, and one of them was wonderful and so i bought probably way too much of it. but it was so good, it was worth it. too bad though i'll only be drinking it in 6 months from now! ha!

we then stopped at a muslin restaurant and sat outside for some great meat on a stick. we started with mutton (10 of them, yum! so tasty) and then had beef (24 of them). we also tried a "fried - grilled bread" which wasn't fried at all but seasoned like the meat and quite dry. along with 2 beers, the meal cost me around $1.60 canadian.

then it was back to the hotel, where i had a great conversation with fellow bc travelers. we exchanged email addresses for some potential hicking next summer. should be good!


yesterday while walking to the muslin corner i saw a homeless man try to grap the purse of a young chinese lady. he did not succeed, but it was surprising to see. and then, walking up a flight of stairs to cross the street, i felt i was being followed and turned around to find a kid, not older than 10, inches from my bag and about to razor it. i guess i wasn't paranoid about this city. you really have to walk with your bag in front of you, and watch everyone around you.


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