Wednesday, August 03, 2005


today i will grab my bags and head out to nagano, my first stop in my japan travels by train. obviously i'll have to spend part of the day looking for a internet cafe or photography store to try and unload my pictures... but it should be fine.

this will be my first day really traveling, being always on the move. changing hotels and city very often. i really hope that i will like it, and i'm a little nervous... i've never done this before, and so i'm not sure what to expect. but if i do not like it, it will be a bad sign for the rest of the trip!!! but i doubt that will happen. it was just really nice being able to stay in one place and chill. no i'm really taking a leap and it's making me antsy. i have no idea what i'm doing! or what i'm getting myself into. thankfully, japan is an easy country! these will be the best train rides of my entire trip (read: clean, safe, fast, comfortable, non-scary washrooms).

so here i go. this is it. for real this time.


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