Saturday, May 07, 2005


So just after my last post, I tried one thing which I am certain I had tried before and now it works. Of course! Regardless, I'm really happy that I figured it out. It was fluke, but I got it and damnit, I'm proud of myself.

For those interested in changing their default title by an image, replace the following code located just before <*!-- Begin #content -->

<*div id="header">
<*h1 id="blog-title"> <*ItemPage><*a href="<*$BlogURL$>"> <*$BlogTitle$> <*ItemPage> <*/h1> <*p id="description"><*$BlogDescription$><*/p><*/div>

with this code (with your own specifications, minus the *):

<*div id="header"><*img src="url" width="x" height="x" border="1" alt="text"><*/div>


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