Sunday, May 08, 2005

Re: Biking To Work

Going to work by bike has proven to be quite a good experience. It is faster, easier and much more pleasant than taking the bus. I also get to spend more time outside, which gives my cheeks a nice rosy glow! Last week I only did bike on 3 days, but it's amazing how quickly the body adapts and the effort gets easier. I also have a lot more energy. My bike does make a lot of odd noises now, I have to get that fixed. And my seat is quite uncomfortable! But overall I'm really happy that I decided to do this. I'm also really excited to see how things will have improved in a week. Maybe I'll eventually get good cardio and even more powerful legs that won't get tired!

If I wasn't leaving on vacation and if I didn't have to save all of my money for my trip, I'd buy myself a beach cruiser and ride in style. Like in Aruba!



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