Monday, March 07, 2005

Life And Such

David brought up a very interesting question earlier today and I thought that I should address it. He asked why I'd write about my personal life on a blog that's supposed to be about my multi-country vacation. While I could just focus about the vacation planning aspect and the vacation itself, it seems to me like this would ignore a big part of going away on such a long vacation.

1. In reality, there's more to this vacation than purchasing a plane ticket and enough stuff to fill my backpack. I'm leaving everything behind; I'm leaving my job and everything that brings me comfort and security. I get to question everything and unfortunately risk messing up my relationship with David. Everyday things may seem unrelated, and they might be sometimes. But I truly feel that everything that comes between now and the moment I get on that plane has some relevance. Almost all travel logs are about current travels. Some discuss briefly the planning/purchasing part. But it seems that almost all disregard the life changes that come before, and during, all of this. I hope that this travel blog can change this a bit, and bring another perspective to traveling. I promise, things will get to be more focused on my trip and its impacts as soon as I can get started with my trip planning.

2. In this blog I will also be writing about other vacations that may come up before the big trip, as well as numerous hikes that David and I will do in order for a) me to get ready for my trip and b) us to get ready for the mother of all Canadian hikes: The West Coast Trail. Thus, intertwined with writings about my "world tour", there will be writings about other vacations or hike plannings. And life gets to be relevant in that as well!


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